[ Inside DIA ]

This place is so big, they keep airplanes *inside* the terminal! (Actually this aircraft is marked as having some historical significance as a jet that set some kind of record for flying around the world in 1996.)

[ Driving past a dump ]

Garbage dumps in the middle of the American plains are kind of like trying to sweep something under a rug: eventually there's an unsightly bulge.

[ Lowry AFB ]

The area of Denver's suburbs where Janice lives is on land reclaimed from the former Lowry Air Force Base. I hope you can appreciate my incredible resolve in not going to the aviation museum there and taking more pictures of airplanes.

[ Nuclear buns ]

Before heading to the apartment, we stopped in at a coffee shop which - I can only surmise - must once have been where they kept the nuclear weapons. Because inside they had the most unnaturally large bun contraptions I've ever seen. The radiation has clearly affected the icing...

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