[ Cockpit ]

After a fair amount of preparing the plane for takeoff, including some fuel for the plane and for us (we used a low-grade cola fuel, I'm not sure what the plane uses), we climbed in and got the plane all set for takeoff. By "we" I mean "Craig" of course. All the instructions were written on his sunvisor, not mine.

[ Takeoff ]

Believe it or not, it flies!

[ In the air ]

In the air over the flying club, Craig decides to check out the visibility. We can only really fly where the visibility is good, so of course he wears his sunglasses! Fool! Actually, as you can see in the picture, it was really hazy. With the temperature over 30 C and the humidity very high also, it was at the very least a relief to be in a nice air-cooled environment. Too bad we couldn't see anything.

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