Bienvenue au Quebec ]

At the end of the long straight is the pit entrance and the famous Bienvenue au Quebec sign, also known as the Wall of Champions due to all the drivers who have smashed into it after failing to negotiate the chicane safely.

It was while I was taking this picture that another security guy noticed us and we couldn't go any further without calling in Evan.


Waiting for Evan ]

It took a little while for Evan to come down the pit lane and walk us past this diligent security guy.


Montreal pit lane ]

OK, we were in! The teams were in the process of setting up their garages and we got to see lots of equipment lying around in various states of unpacking.


Toyota guys unpacking ]

These Toyota guys seemed to be working harder than most at setting up.


McLaren pit stop practice ]

As we approached the McLaren garages, it became obvious they were about to stage a pit-stop practice with the mechanics. So we figured we'd stop and take a look.

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