[ On the plane ]

They started boarding our flight and then changed their minds about the flightworthiness of our plane, causing a 1.5-hr delay. This is the view from the new plane, with the tail of the defunct 767 in the background on the right. This was my vantage point as a food-services worker managed to squish a tray full of special meals under a scissor-lift truck in an oh-so-avoidable mishap.

[ Time to go ]

Yay, at last we hit the runway, about 2 hours late.

[ St. Lawrence River ]

There were very few recognizable landmarks visible as we headed east from Toronto, but I was able to pick out the St. Lawrence river (with ice along the southern bank) somewhere east of Montreal.

[ Leaving the sun behind ]

As we were heading in the opposite direction from the sun, it didn't take very long for daylight to pass.

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