Lizard in the floor ]

The airport had an unusual feature in the baggage-carousel area: clear floor panels with lizard dioramas.

Contended Cal ]

We took a cab from the airport at no small expense, and although Cal is expressing nothing but calm and happiness, the on-board credit card machine was thoroughly flumoxed by Cal's American Express and you can see the cab driver on the phone trying to get the charge to go through manually.

View from hotel door ]

As it turns out, the hotel where Andrew and I were staying was literally within sight of the conference building (the taller building at centre), and Cal's hotel was literally around the corner on the same block.

View from the hotel ]

My original hotel room was a glorified closet, so I went back down to the front desk and complained that I didn't have the 'king size bed' that was listed on my reservation. They changed me to a much nicer room that I suspect is actually a lot more expensive than what I paid for. Sweet.

In the interests of not making Cal or Andrew jealous, I won't post pictures of the room here, especially not the shots of the bathroom that was as big as my original room.

From the window of my hotel room you can just see the royal palace.

Jellyfish art ]

Most the hotels I stay in have some lame still lifes on the walls. This one had a jellyfish!

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