[ Ad in the Paper ]

My mother, having been trained by years of having me in the house, clipped out this ad from the paper. All three of us were interested in going so long as the weather co-operated. Since it had been grey and rainy for the better part of a week leading up to this day, that wasn't necessarily going to be the case.

[ Action Shot ]

But, as forecast, the sun started to come out. Notice the shadows in this action shot from the CMHC parking lot where people were directed to park before taking a free shuttle to the National Aviation Museum, which was hosting the event. The NAM, where Cat used to work many moons ago, seems to have changed its name to the Canada Aviation Museum.

[ Branding Little Kids ]

The whole event appeared to be some kind of recruiting gimmick for the Canadian Forces, à la Armed Forces Day. Here, a young impressionable child is branded with Canadian Forces propaganda. ;)

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