[ The cavernous 

interior of Terminal 1 ]

Although there were some people milling about, the cavernous interior of Terminal 1 still makes you feel small and ant-like. One thing I'd like to point out (and I think Mike will back me up on this) is that when I first walked in the door, I had to seek out an info board to tell me which row of check-in desks I needed. Once I knew the letter of the row, it took me way too long to find where that was - they seem to have mounted the signs in some unexpected places, places your eyes do not fall naturally. I call this 'Signage failings, Part 1."

[ Skylight 


By painting everything white and having lots of open windows and skylights, the place stays quite bright without a lot of industrial lighting.

[ Pearson's head 


Once you check in, you pass through a disproportionately small passageway into security, and then into another wide open hall, complete with a bust of Lester himself.

[ Interactive map 


At the edge of the main hall (from which the gates extend in long 'fingers' - although only one is built yet) there is an interactive kiosk for information. In this particular case, interactive meant that if you touched anywhere on the screen, it beeped. That's all it did. Very disappointing.

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